The App Is Designed For People Who Want To Manage And Improve Their Health With Cannabis

Los Angeles, CA – (April 8, 2019) – Today, nurse Susan Marks RN, BSN, PHN launched her comprehensive, interactive and user-friendly medical cannabis app, “Nurse Susan.” This easy to use app was created for anyone who wants to treat and manage their conditions and symptoms with cannabis. The “Nurse Susan” app will be FREE for the first 10K downloads and is available on the Apple App Store. The “Nurse Susan” app will be available on additional platforms soon.

Before experimenting with cannabis as a viable alternative to taking anti-seizure medications for a neurological movement disorder, Nurse Susan had no personal experience with cannabis and viewed it as a vehicle for people to get high. Since successfully freeing herself of the unbearable side effects of pharmaceuticals she has passionately pursued her goal of providing education and direction to others wanting to use cannabis to treat their medical conditions.

“You can’t just use any cannabis product and expect it to address your symptoms. The ‘Nurse Susan’ app is an educational tool to help cannabis patients and workers find the right combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, optimal doses and methods of ingestion that works for them,” said Nurse Susan. “This is about giving patients the knowledge they need at their fingertips to get the best medical treatment without getting high.”

Currently, 33 states plus DC have legalized the use of medical cannabis thus giving access to more than 217 million Americans. But until medical cannabis is legal on a federal level, most doctors are refraining from consulting with their patients about it. Until now, patients must now seek out cannabis educators and coaches such as Nurse Susan or rely on budtenders for their medical advice who may not have any medical cannabis training.

At this time, no states and only a handful of cities have set up mandatory certification programs for people working as medtenders and budtenders. The “Nurse Susan” app was designed to help fill in that gap by giving a detailed guide to help patients safely navigate their care while also removing the concern and guesswork from using medical cannabis. It’s also a great reference guide for those working in medical dispensaries.

For additional information about Nurse Susan and a list of treatable conditions with cannabis, please visit or check out the “Nurse Susan” app.

Nurse Susan is available for on-camera, online and phone interviews.

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